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An “Iavnana” Christmas Charity Action for Ten Families

The managers of the charity projects and social workers looked into the situation of ten neediest families. Would you please join our Christmas action to support them.

In the bank transfer specify the family number. The Foundation will provide you detailed information on your contribution.

We wish you good health and a happy New Year!


ID CODE: 205 019 727

28 Pekini st. Tbilisi. Georgia

Tel: +995 322374684


ACCOUNT: GE49VT6600000039163608 (GEL)

GE26VT6600000031313618 (USD)

GE26VT6600000031313618 (EUR)

#1. Guranda is the mother of 4 underage children, two boys 9 and 10 and two girls. The youngest is 1 year old. They live in the town of Tsakenjikha. The kids do not have proper food or clothing. Also, the family needs a washing machine and a double-bunk bed for the boys. The kids dream of a bike and toys.

#2. Orphaned sisters whose mother died last year need your support. The youngest girl is 3. Their grandmother and the 20-year-old student sister are looking after them. Masho, 3 dreams of a New Year tree and a scooter. The family has not got a gas cooker and a washing machine.

#3. Marina is the mother of 3 underage children. The elder who is 14 has been diagnosed cerebral palsy. The other sisters are 11 and 3. The family is socially vulnerable: they have no house of their own and have to live in lodgings. The kids have no proper food. Among many other things, the diapers (size: medium) are vital to them. Any financial support is welcome.

#4. Olya is a grandmother, who has to look after her 13-year-old grandchild, whose mother died a while ago. The identity of the father is unknown. They live in the lodgings and have to share the WC in the yard with several other households. The family needs financial support. The kid dreams of a PC.

#5. Ekaterine is the mother of two. She has a health condition. The only income of the socially vulnerable family (1000 points) is the allowance a bigger part of which goes into the medicines for the elder child. The younger girl, 12 has no seasonal clothing and school items. She also needs a mobile phone or a tablet.

#6. Khatuna is a single mother of 4 boys. Her husband died a few years ago. The children are underage (5, 7, 12 and 13). The family is registered in the database of the socially vulnerable people. They need double-bunk beds, wallpaper and an electric heater.

#7. Natalia is the mother of 5 underage children. The youngest is 5 months old. Because of an unanticipated health condition her husband has no regular job. Not infrequently, they visit a charitable cafeteria. They are short of beds and the kids dream of a New Year tree.

#8. Tinatin is the mother of 2 underage girls. The elder is 3 and the younger is just 8 months old. The father of the socially vulnerable family is a disabled person. Most of their income goes into the medicines for the elder child, who has regular epileptic fits and required medical monitoring. The family needs hygienic items, diapers and food products.

#9.  8 year old Irakli, who lives in the town of Chkhorotsku needs daily medication. The family has to make do with an allowance and the grandpa’s pension. The boy needs proper food products and clothing. He also dreams of toy cars.

#10. Lela is a single mother whose husband, the breadwinner died in November 2021. Lela has to support her 12 and 15 year old sons. Their house has to be renovated. Neither do they have a heater, food products or clothing.





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