Mr. Alexander Toradze’s concert in Tbilisi

On 29-30 November, Mr. Alexander Toradze, the outstanding Georgian expatriate pianist gave a concert at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire in support of “Iavnana” Foundation. The concert was conducted by Maestro Vakhtang Machavariani.

At the end of the concert, Messrs: Archil Kontselidze, the “VTB Bank” Director General and Nikoloz Shengelaia, the “Iavnana” depositor handed over the house key to the Kupreishvili family of 9 children. The house had been purchased under the “Iavnana Deposit” project jointly implemented by “VTB Bank” and “Iavnana” Foundation.

Also, the monthly allowance paid to the children of the serviceman killed in action in the August 2008 conflict has gone up to 100 GEL. Mr. Alexander Toradze and Maestro Vakhtang Machavariani will be the custodians of 2 children orphaned as a result of the war. Ms. Lali Samkharadze (the USA) and Mr. Zaza Metreveli (Moscow) have agreed to provide the monthly allowance to 2 children for a year.

On 29 November, Mr. Alexander Toradze and Maestro Vakhtang Machavariani were awarded “The Iavnana Golden Horse” for their charity.

The project supported by: “VTB Bank”, the Tbilisi Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of Georgia.

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