Charity on behalf of Sopiko

On 2 March, “Iavnana” Charity Foundation held a TV marathon at the Tbilisi Concert Hall to commemorate 75 anniversary of the late Sopiko Chiaureli, the outstanding actress and one of the first “Iavnana” supporters. The event involved Messrs: Kakhi Kavsadze, Buba Kikabidze, Mmmes: Nani Bregvadze, Nato Metonidze, Liza Bagrationi. Maestro Nikoloz Rachveli conducted the State Symphonic Orchestra.

The concert consummated with the handover of house keys to 4 families of many children. The revenue also went into support to 31 socially vulnerable students.

The list of the companies and people who donated during the concert:

“Beeline” – 5000 GEL; “Khalikbank” – 5000 GEL; “My Travel”, tourist agency volunteered to provide 1 year allowance to 2 children of the serviceman killed in the August 2008 Georgia-Russia war; “Constanta” Bank pledged to transfer 100 GEL to 20 children orphaned as a result of the same war, on a monthly basis; “Basis Bank”, Levan Samkharauli Forensic Expertise Bureau, “Wissol Petroleum Georgia”, Mr. Avtandil Tsereteli Jr. and Ms. Irina Tsereteli are going to support 3, 3, 6, 1, 1 children (respectively); Bank of Georgia transferred 5000 GEL; “Coca-Cola”, which pledged to support 5 children transferred 6000 GEL; “Ziraat Bank” – 1200 GEL; “Coda”- 1200 GEL; Ms. Lako Bukia – 1200 GEL; “Algani” security service – 1200 GEL; KSB Bank – 3000 GEL; “Uta 2012”, architects designing a cathedral on Makhata Mt. and a monastery complex – 2400 GEL; “New Ornament” company – 1500 GEL; Messrs: Jumber Khatiashvilivi – 2400 GEL; Valeri Kvaratskhelia – 2400 GEL; Temur Mikautadze – 1200 GEL; Temur Gvalia – 2400 GEL; Temur Berishvilivi – 2400 GEL. “BP” Company – 2000 GEL; “Darial Energy” company – 2400 GEL; Ms. Nona Minashvilivi – 1000 GEL; “Gzamshenebeli” – 1000 GEL; “Elizi Group” – 1000 GEL; “Mediclub Georgia” and Mr. Dimitri Makhatadze, its Director – 3000 GEL; “Lugo” company – 3000 GEL; “New Light” – 1200 GEL; “ProCredit Bank” – 5000 GEL; “Geo Invest” – 2400 GEL; “Insta”- 2400 GEL; “Technica Service” – 1000 GEL; “Wilhelmsen Schiffs Service Georgia” – 2000 GEL. “Bagrationi 1882” will support 6 children; “Invest Bank” took on the custodianship of 2 children and pledged to employ 1 distinguished student; The Eastern European University will pay the education fee of 1 excellent student; Mr. Zurab Tsereteli, the sculptor will do the same for 5 students; Mr. Soso Nizharadze is going to provide 1 year allowance for 2 children, while “Solart Energy”, he is the founder of, intends to install solar energy lighting system in the monastery complex being set up on Makhata Mt.; Mr. Vazha Iukuridze made an online donation of 5000 GEL from Kiev; Ms. Ketevan Bagrationi of the Georgian expatriate Royal family in Italy, Mr. Nodar Giorgadze, residing in Slovakia, the Georgian Diaspora in Dublin, Father David Loregrent and his congregation from Irland and Chkhartishvili family pledged to support 2, 2, 1, 1 and 10 children (respectively); the Family of Mr. Badri Kakabadze donated 10 000 GEL; Mr. Grigol Katamadze – 1000 GEL; Archimandrite Saba Kuchava – 1000 GEL; “Belux” company – 5000 GEL; Ms. Julia Khoperia – 10 000 GEL; “Shangrila” casino – 6000 GEL; the society of religious women at the Georgian Patriarchate- 500 GEL; “Dato-Nugzar Demetrashvili”, sole entrepreneur – 6000 GEL; “Coda” LTD – 1200 GEL; “Manana Sherozia Eye Clinic” – 2400 GEL, while Free Taxi company promised to transfer 1 % of its profit.

Finally, the “Badagoni” wine producers declared its intention to provide 1 year allowance to the Beruashvili and Gigani families of 7 and 6 children from Akhmeta region.

“Iavnana” Foundation and “Silknet” Company

Project organizers

Project supported by: Ministry of Culture of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall and Marjanishvili Theatre.

Media partners: “Rustavi-2”, “Fortuna” radio, Media Palitra, “” and “Geoline”.

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